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Gina's Web Zone

Hi! I'm Gina, a trans girl from New England in her 30s. Welcome to this silly little web zone. I enjoy many things and sometimes I feel like I have a new hobby every month. If you randomly find this place and feel compelled to talk to me, feel free to poke me on Twitter and we can go from there :3

So what are some of those hobbies? Well, I recently got into DXing, so basically listening to the radio waves. There's some interesting stuff out there! This is also related to the links on the side, but I digress. I also enjoy putting together random open source hardware projects that interest me. Then there's the usual stuff I enjoy, like playing video games, listen to music, etc.

What are ...

those links?

KiwiSDR and OpenWebRX+ are both web and hardware based solutions for accessing a software defined radio (SDR) remotely through a web interface. Both require a password to access since these are mainly for personal use. To those who know me personally, I'm open to letting you access my KiwiSDR setup since up to four people can be connected to it and surf the radio waves independently of each other.